The Red Lion Development – COMPLETED!

23 June, 2017 | Categorised in:

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to announce that the scheduled building works that were planned from Feb 2017 are now….Completed! We are back to fully firing functionality and do come up and see us if you haven’t as yet.

We are thrilled to say that Ray and Jo now have their own private entrance that you can now see from the Car Park with a lovely new green front door.

This has meant we have been able to develop our kitchen and create a larger space for Jo and the Team to create their delicious menu.

That has also meant that the Ladies lavatories have now moved across to join our newly upgraded Gents and brand new Disabled conveniences – now also accessible from the garden.

We’ve developed our patio space and increased the size and have even added a brand new, wood fired pizza oven with plinth and outdoor work surfaces to give the kitchen an easy, outdoor and fun catering alternative to offer our customers – on occasions.

We have and continue to receive amazingly complimentary comments about the work, which makes us very pleased.

The idea was to create a private access for Ray and Jo to their accommodation but to also develop the pub, tastefully, for the next generation.

The visual impact has been minimal and the pub feels very much the same – this was something we were very keen to make sure was achieved. Our contractors, Claridge & Hall (Harpenden) have been incredible throughout and our deep thanks to the team who worked on this important project.

A big thank you to those people too that also the helped get the project off the ground and help keep on the rails during construction – you know who you are and our thanks to you, too.

Come up and see us please…..